First School in Ireland to Teach a Bible-Based Curriculum

Established in 1993, Grásta Christian School is the first Christian school teaching a Bible-based curriculum in Ireland to children aged 3 to 18. The Dundalk-based school is also one of the first schools in Ireland, and within Europe, to use Scratch and Google CS-First Curriculum to teach their pupils how computer systems are used in real world industries. The mission of the school is to train up its students in the way they should go so that they become problem-solvers, leaders, worshipers, and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. In a world increasingly complicated by violence, discrimination, and loss of faith, now more than ever, Grasta Christian School is needed as a haven and training ground for children and their parents who believe and serve the living God. 

What Our Parents Have to Say...

Our son has been a pupil of Grásta Christian School for the past four years, having been in a Department of Education Catholic Primary School prior to this.

The ‘rote’ system of learning in his previous primary school was not meeting his educational needs, and it proved to be a constant struggle to maintain pace with his curriculum and the need to move forward in tandem with the class.  This resulted in frustration from him and subsequently disruptive behaviour. 

 This led to us having to look for an alternative method of teaching and one that would suit his specific needs.  We attended an open night at Grásta Christian School and learned about the approach taken and the A.C.E. Curriculum. 

I can honestly say that joining this School has proved to be a totally positive experience.  We did have concerns about leaving the Department of Education system and wondered if this would in any way impede  progression in learning and moving on with relevant qualifications for further study. However, the approach to learning used in this School is individualised to suit the student of all abilities. This essentially means that the student progresses through learning at his/her own pace. This system of  learning, therefore allows for the both the highly academic student and also the student who may struggle in some subjects. The student learns and understands each stage of their educational curriculum before moving on to the next stage, if a student learns at an exceptionally quick pace, equally that student can also progress through the curriculum at that pace.

 The IT study available in the School is also highly impressive, enabling students to study computer programmes which are currently taught in third level education.

 The A.C.E. curriculum is interwoven with biblical principles. I have found that the Christian values taught in the school are in keeping with those that our  son had learned previously in his former Primary School with a Catholic ethos.  The School is multi-denominational, accepting students of all religious persuasions.

 Finally, I would say that perhaps the most positive aspect of Grásta Christian School is that we have found our son’s education at the School to be all encompassing, in that the school takes the approach that there are three aspects to a child’s education, social, moral and academic. Grásta Christian school places equal importance on all three.  Teaching staff impart discipline and guidance in a quiet, firm and caring manner, in an encouraging and secure environment. 

 The positive difference in our son, since joining the School, is truly amazing. Confidence in his learning has been gained from receiving an education which progresses at his level.  It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and eagerness to return to School after each term break, knowing that he is in an educational establishment that is so welcoming, understanding,  and which encourages  him to be the very best he can. 

 Respect, kindness and understanding of others is one of the most important values taught to the pupils in Grásta Christian School, along with a confidence to adapt a strong moral and social conscience in today’s world. We consider these to be valuable life-learning lessons.

 It was wonderful to attend the end of year Awards night and to watch the students receive their Awards for achievements during the year, and to congratulate the senior students progressing on to third level College/University to follow their particular area of study. 

 As a previous testimony stated, “This school is a gem”, and we agree absolutely!

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